Sugar as known for winding kids up and causing them to run around like they run on Energizer batteries. That’s what happens initially anyway, but soon comes the crash. The sugar crash is something we’ve all experienced. You get a little energy from the sugar, and then the crash makes you sleepy. I’m not so sure that sugar even gives adults any energy. Does it?

Sugary treats are so tasty though, and I love them for sure. There is ice cream and chocolate shell, apple pie and ice cream, blackberry cobbler and ice cream, etc. Does everything come with ice cream? That’s just a little corny joke, but hey, there are cookies, brownies, fudge, and well, all of that can come with ice cream, too. The point is sugar is scrumptious, but it can in general, and especially in large amounts, make you sleepy.

If you look at the science behind it, one factor in play is about the orexin levels in your brain. When they are lower, you can get tired, and sugar plays a role in lowering orexin levels. Yet there have been studies conducted that have shown protein can in fact cancel out those effects that sugar has on the brain. So what gives?

Protein can offset sugar, and the combination of foods we eat in terms of our meals matters. Yet that doesn’t exclude the fact that sugar has its individual effects on our bodies. In a general sense, it should be mentioned that fructose isn’t digested the same way other foods are. That got my attention.

Then there is the fact that we are all different in terms of how our bodies process food. There are millions of people that have diabetes, and there is also hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is all about low blood sugar levels. It is common for people to feel sleepy after eating sweets and/or starches. Yet if you experience this all the time and to an extreme, you might want to make an appointment with your doctor just to see if you have an underlying health issue with hypoglycemia as a symptom.

That’s not something to read and be worried about. As mentioned, we all get sleepy when eating sugar and starches. I do all the time. But our bodies are often good at telling us when something is wrong. That’s not always the case, but if you feel that hypoglycemia is making itself known to the point of concern, then you can easily check that out with your doctor.

That said, sugar sure does taste good. And it sure does cause people to crash. It’s not something you want to eat when you’re going to go for a long drive, that’s for sure. And in general, we all need to watch our sugar intake so that we’re consuming a balanced diet. Hey, we do our best, right? I have been off of sugar for awhile because of a fast, but I am likely going to dream about ice cream with chocolate shell now.